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Laser Treatment Aftercare


Post treatment skin care instructions should be followed throughout the course of your treatment.  Failure to follow these instructions may lead to adverse effects such as scarring.

What should be avoided before and after laser treatment?
Sun exposure to the treated area should be avoided.  The laser treated area should not be exposed directly to the sun before, or after treatment.  A suntan will increase the pigment content of your skin, thereby decreasing the effectiveness of the treatment.  Sunscreen can be used when the red discoloration disappears and the area has healed.  Sunscreen rated SPF 15 or higher is recommended and should be applied whenever the treated area is exposed to sunlight.  If during the healing process you will be exposed to sunlight, then you should lightly apply antibiotic ointment to the area, and cover it with a protective dressing.

Care of the Laser Treated Area:
Immediately following the laser treatment, the area will become a whitish/gray or red discoloration.  This discoloration will change and lighten over a period of 7-14 days as it heals.  With any laser treatment, pinpoint bleeding may occur.  The treated area must be delicately cared for during this time. It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the treated area clean.

1) DO NOT rub, scratch or pick at the laser treated area. (This can cause scarring)
2) Avoid pressure from tight clothing.
3) After washing, gently pat the area with a dry cloth.  Avoid rubbing the treated area with a cloth or sponge.
4) While the area is reddish/purplish, avoid contact sports or excessive sweating during this healing process.
5) Apply a very thin coating of antibiotic ointment 2 times daily for 4-7 days.

What can I use if discomfort occurs following my Laser Treatment?

1) Ice wrapped in a soft cloth, may be applied to the treated area to reduce discomfort of any swelling.
2) Tylenol may also be taken.
3) If the area that was treated is on your ankle or foot, then elevate the area as much as possible. Treat with ice periodically. (DO NOT apply ice directly to skin.  Always make sure there is a layer of cloth between the ice bag and skin)

What can I do to the Laser Treated Area if a blister develops?
Blisters may develop in the first several days and can last 7-14 days.

1) Take ice and wrap it in a soft cloth. Apply the wrapped ice to the treated area to reduce any discomfort.
2) Apply a non-adherent dressing if there will be a chance of injury of rubbing to the treated area.
3) Keep area clean.  Makeup, harsh soaps, and shaving are not recommended.  They may damage the area.
4) Call if the area opens and looks infected (pus) Laser Centers of North Dallas (972-323-2020)

Do I have to put a dressing over the treated area?
A dressing should be applied if there will be a chance of rubbing or injuring the treated area.  Make sure the tape that is holding down the dressing does not come into contact with the treated area.

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